Man says boy taking "PRACTICE SWINGS" in fairway was "INCONSIDERATE" and "RUDE"

How are you reacting if someone said this to you about your son or daughter on the golf course?

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Wed, 22 Sep 2021
Man says boy taking "practice swings" in fairway was "INCONSIDERATE" and "RUDE"

Picture the scene. You've just finished a nice round with your son or daughter, and then a golfer who had been playing in front of you all round trudges over to complain about the practice swings your youngster had been taking more than 100 yards away on the fairway while they were up on the green. 

Hat tip to Golf.Obsession on Instagram for bringing this one to our attention, as it's not the first time we have heard something like this happen at a golf club in recent times.



The bemused golfer in question wrote: "Finished 18 holes with my son this morning. Guy in front of us tells us after that my son taking “practice swings” in the fairway (usually 130 yards or more out) while he was putting was inconsiderate and rude. Our verbal exchange didn’t go well for him needless to say."

How would you react if someone said this to you about your son or daughter on the golf course? Here's how some golfers have reacted to the post:

"Some dudes think every round is Sunday at Augusta."

"If I'm on the green, not a chance I'm noticing what's happening 130 yards away. Guy needs to focus."

"Tell him not to blame his s*** putting on my kid."

"Covid has ruined the game for those who don't understand that it's called a gentleman's game for a reason."

"Dude could be a better putter if he was looking at the green and his ball."

"I would say just keep your head down when you're putting."

"I would be grabbing his putter and tossing it in the nearest pond if he said that to my boy."

"I'd just laugh in his face to be fair."

"He blatantly three putted."

"Everyone wants to be a pro these days, jeez calm down."

"Great to see golf is still stuck in the dark ages."

"I'd tell him to just putt faster and stop holding us up."