Quite possibly the greatest impersonation of Graeme McDowell ever!

WATCH: McDowell reveals the new "G-Mac G-String"

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Tue, 25 Jul 2017
quite possibly the greatest graeme mcdowell impersonation ever


We've seen some cracking impersonations of golf professionals before, but few rival this one. Quite literally.

Steven Connolly, who goes by the Twitter name @NotReallyGMac, is as his name suggests, a Graeme McDowell impersonator. And a fine one at that. 

In his latest video, McDowell adds a line of lingerie to his clothing line called the "G-Mac G-String", which he claims will help golfers look great from behind on the golf course.

If you like a bit of lighthearted humour, you'll appreciate this one...

As far as Tour pro impersonations go, this one certainly rivals the Colin 'Donald' Montgomerie...

Seen a better Tour pro impression? We'd love to see it. Send it into us and we'll feature it.