REVEALED: The TOP 10 CARS for keen golfers to suit a range of budgets

Fed up of your clubs and trolley not fitting in the boot of your car? Well the UK’s leading used car retailer, CarShop, has revealed its top 10 list of the best cars to suit your needs. 


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Thu, 10 Feb 2022
REVEALED: The TOP 10 CARS for keen golfers to suit a range of budgets

CarShop has revealed the top 10 best cars for golfers to suit a wide range of budgets. The results are based not only on whether they can fit your clubs safely in the back, but also on image and style. 

Check out its top 10 list below. Do you drive any of these? Do you agree with the list?! 

#1 - Skoda Octavia

The Skoda Octavia is a hard car to beat as it really does tick all the boxes by combining a mix of real-world attributes that any golfer would be happy to have. There’s a large boot in both the hatchback and the estate model so you’ll have space for two or three sets of clubs.

Match that with an efficient engine, solid build quality, spacious interior, great driving dynamics and all the up-to-date technology fitted as standard. What’s more, with the elegant body styling, it won’t look out of place parked next to some of the more premium offerings in the club car park.

#2 - Mercedes-Benz E Class Estate

If you’re after a more premium badge, then the E Class Estate is a strong contender. The enormous boot meals there’s ample space for clubs, plus a wide boot opening makes loading and unloading a doddle.

With it being a Mercedes-Benz, you can also expect a great build quality and the use of hard-wearing materials making it ideal for transporting clubs. There’s plenty to enjoy inside the cabin too, with beautifully designed interiors and top-of-the-range technology to keep you entertained.

#3 - Audi A5

With its classic coupe styling, the Audi A5 certainly turns heads. Even with the sporty styling, the A5 comes with a boot that will happily accommodate two sets of clubs. It’s also a pleasure to drive so, whether you’re heading to the local club or off on a golfing weekend, the A5 has you covered.

#4 - Range Rover Sport

This is a classic golfer’s choice, and you will probably find one in almost every club car park. It’s not hard to see why they’re so popular when it offers unrivalled luxury and an endless list of options and specifications to choose from.

The four-wheel drive can also be useful when the terrain gets tricky and makes for a dynamic driving experience for more exciting stretches of the road. It also comes with an incredible boot capacity without having to fold down any seats.

#5 - Jaguar F-Pace

No list about cars and golf would be complete without a Jaguar in it. Not only is it brimming with elegance and class, there’s also sufficient space for four adults and all their clubs so if it’s your turn to carpool, it won’t be a problem.

It’s also a fantastic car to drive due to the dynamics, so your trips to the golf course will be as enjoyable as the game itself.

#6 - Volkswagen Passat

The trusty Passat has been a family favourite for years and it’s easy to see why. The estate version has a wide boot opening and small rear load lip so getting clubs in and out won’t be any hassle.

The boot capacity is exceptional with over 600 litres of space and over double this with the seats folded down. It also offers great value for money as you’ll get all the features and gadgets from some more premium vehicles at a fraction of the cost.

#7 - Renault Captur

This won’t be the first car that springs to mind when you think about golf, however if you want everyday practicality with the ability to accommodate your clubs, the Captur is a compelling choice.

It features clever design features such as rear seats that slide forward to increase boot capacity and is also incredibly affordable to run.

#8 - Mini Clubman

You might think ‘Mini? That will be a squeeze’, but the Mini Clubman is the car that does it all. With the retro inspired barn-style tailgate doors, it makes loading items easy and, if you need extra space, there is also the option of folding down the rear seats to create a huge load area.

There’s also plenty of engine choices meaning there’s something for all budgets – from ultra-frugal diesel engines to the incredible Cooper S models for more enthusiastic drivers.

#9 - BMW 1 Series

If you’re looking for a more compact vehicle that still fits your needs, the BMW 1 Series could be for you. It still has a sharp and stylish image but with more manageable dimensions.

There’s also plenty of space for clubs in the boot with both the three and five door models.

#10 - Ford Kuga

With a boot capacity of over 450 litres, the Kuga comes with enough space for all your golfing gear.

It also has some great options available such as the hands-free tailgate opening which is operated by waving your foot under the rear bumper so ideal for when your hands are full.

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