Frustrated golfer FED UP of three-putting drains putt using prosthesis!

This player got creative. But is it actually allowed under the rules of golf?

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Wed, 9 Feb 2022
Frustrated golfer FED UP of three-putting drains putt using prosthesis!

This player decided to show a bit of creativity on the putting green. 

The TikTok account @mikeycook showed the amusing clip. "When you're tired of three putting so you pull out the leg", the caption reads. 

Well, it appears the protaganist was getting a little bit frustrated on the dancefloor. Watch as he chucks his club on the ground. 

He pulls off the prosthesis, takes his aim, then in one smooth stroke he drains the putt. Pretty impressive stuff. 

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Although creative, unfortunately this is not permitted under the rules of golf. 

This is per Rule 9.4 where it states that objects that have little to no resemblance to a club are considered non-conforming. 

The player in this instance would incur a penalty. But clearly, they are just messing around.

This is what the Rules of Golf say about conforming clubs:

  1. The shaft must be attached to the clubhead at the heel (Section 2c);
  2. The grip must be circular in cross-section (Section 3b(i)) and only one grip is permitted (Section 3c);
  3. The clubhead must be generally plain in shape (Section 4a) and have only one striking face (Section 4d); and,
  4. The face of the club must conform to the specifications with respect to hardness, surface roughness, material, markings in the impact area and dynamic properties (Sections 4c and 5).
  5. The length of the club must follow the guidelines for chippers specified in the table located in Section 1c.

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