"A SCUMBAG piece of s***!": Barstool's Dave Portnoy SLAMS Brooks Koepka

Dave Portnoy used extremely strong language to describe Brooks Koepka after the four-time major champion had to cancel their charity match.

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Thu, 28 Apr 2022
"A SCUMBAG piece of s***!": Barstool's Dave Portnoy SLAMS Brooks Koepka

Barstool Sports founder Dave Portnoy slammed Brooks Koepka for his actions after their charity match was cancelled due to the PGA Tour star becoming injured.

Portnoy and Koepka were set to have a match at Liberty National on September 7 last year. Portnoy has a handicap of 18, so Koepka was going to play left-handed.

The four-time major champion was playing for his own charity foundation, while Portnoy was playing for the Barstool Fund. $250,000 was going to be donated to the winner.

However, Koepka sustained a wrist injury in the third round of the Tour Championship which meant that he couldn't play against Portnoy. But on November 26, Koepka played and beat Bryson DeChambeau in The Match. This wasn't to Portnoy's liking.

"We had the match set up for $250,000. Lefty vs lefty, he got injured, s*** happens (which was) the week before we were supposed to play," Portnoy said.

"He DM's (to say) 'so sorry, we'll reschedule it'. No problem. (There was) a lot of work on our end to get this thing set up. The broadcast, the tech side, hours and hours setting this thing up.

"Next thing you know, I don't hear from him and he's like 'hey I'm doing a match with Bryson DeChambeau' - to not give me a heads up that he was doing that first and after all the work we put into our thing, scumbag piece of s***.

Portnoy repeated the strongly-worded insult and he was extremely frustrated that Koepka arranged the fifth edition of The Match with DeChambeau without consulting him first.

It will certainly be interesting to hear a response from Koepka who recently missed the cut at The Masters and who has only made two top-10 appearances on the PGA Tour this season.

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