Social media slams "DISGUSTING" acts of NCAA after women's event is cancelled

The NCAA women's golf regional in Baton Rouge was cancelled before a single shot was hit and golf fans are absolutely furious.

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Thu, 13 May 2021
Social media slams "DISGUSTING" acts of NCAA after women's event is cancelled

The NCAA has been slammed on social media after the women's golf regional in Baton Rouge was cancelled, after the golf course was deemed "playable but not at a championship level".

The college golfers have worked extremely hard to reach this stage and for many of them, the opportunity to progress has now been snatched away after yet another poor and lazy move by the NCAA.

Baton Rouge in Louisiana had been hit with rain the night before the event was set to begin and although the NCAA said the course was playable, the option was not given to the golfers, whilst images were also revealed showing the conditions of the course.

A video went viral on social media of NCAA committee representative Brad Hurlbut making a statement to the players, which was greeted with boos and angry responses, such as "you should be ashamed of yourselves" and "thank you for ending our careers".

"Therefore, the top six teams that were seeded will advance along with the top three individuals that were not on those teams," said Hurlbut from the stairs of LSU's University Club. "Again, heart-wrenching decision that we had to make. The course is playable, but not playable at a championship level."

Without listening to any responses or answering any questions, Hurlbut turned around and walked away.


It is not the first time the NCAA has been slammed for its treatment of women's sport, but it caused a widespread reaction of anger on social media from golf fans in both the United States and other parts of the globe.

"I’ve played in games of pouring rain, snow, stopped in the middle of a game to tarp a field only to resume 45 minutes later and still struggle extremely to grip a ball correctly... this is disgusting," said one golf fan on Twitter.

"What an absolute joke you are NCAA. Let the girls play," said another.

Take a look at some of the other tweets in reaction to the incident below.

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