Steph Curry and Phil Mickelson mock Charles Barkley's swing ahead of The Match

The Match 3 takes place this Friday, where Charles Barkley's unorthodox swing will be in action.

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Mon, 23 Nov 2020
Steph Curry and Phil Mickelson mock Charles Barkley's swing ahead of The Match

The third edition of The Match takes place this Friday and the banter has already begun between the two teams, after Steph Curry mocked Charles Barkley's bizarre swing on Twitter.

The two basketball icons go head to head later this week, with Curry - a scratch golfer who has played in professional events in the past - playing alongside Peyton Manning and Barkley teaming up with Phil Mickelson.

It will be the first time that Curry and Barkley star in The Match, a charity golf event that Turner Sports first introduced between Woods and Mickelson in 2018, where Lefty eventually won the $10 million prize in a play-off.

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This year's event will not feature Woods or Brady, who have been replaced by the two basketball stars, with Barkley switching his seat on the commentary team for a spot on the course.

Barkley's swing has been witnessed in Pro Am events in the past and it's certainly not a technique that you see very often, as he stops in the downswing, dips his body towards the ground and then continues his swing.

Poking fun at Barkley's odd swing, Curry - a very talented golfer - tweeted a video where he mixed Barkley's swing with a clip from the iconic golf film Caddyshack, mocking how long the former NBA power forward takes to hit the ball.


Mickelson, who is Barkley's teammate, joined in on the fun himself on Twitter, although used it to heat up the competition, saying: "Losing to this swing will be DEVASTATING."

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