Social media reacts to video of Tiger Woods and son Charlie on the range!

Tiger Woods and his son Charlie Woods will line up in a Father & Son Challenge tournament in December, and golf fans are already getting excited...

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Fri, 20 Nov 2020

A video of Tiger Woods and his son Charlie Woods hitting shots on the range in harmony has gone viral just hours after it was confirmed the father and son will combine at the PNC Championship at The Ritz-Carlton Golf Club Grande Lakes in Orlando, Florida, from December 19 to 20. 

Woods, 44, and his son Charlie, 11, were spotted on social media warming up for the tournament a month early, and it got a number of Woods fans excited for the main event. 



"Damn, he's going for that Els / Couples swing tempo," said one golf fan. "So pure," wrote another golf fan. 

Another Woods fan wrote: "Who watched Charlie’s swing 326 times like myself?"

As you can see from the video above, Charlie's swing is already a thing of beauty from start to finish as he follows in his father's footsteps.

Charlie has already set pulses racing as to what we can expect from him later in life after winning back-to-back junior events over the summer, with 9-hole scores of 3-under par and 1-under par. 




In a recent interview with Golf Digest and GOLFTV, Woods had this to say about his son's potential:

“I’m still winning … for now,” Woods said. “He’s starting to get into it. He’s starting to understand how to play. He’s asking me the right questions. I’ve kept it competitive with his par, so it’s been just an absolute blast to go out there and just be with him. It reminds me so much of me and my dad [growing up].”

Woods was then asked if Charlie could break any of his father's records, to which Woods replied: “I don’t know. It depends how bad he wants it. It’s all on him. I wanted it at a very, very early age. I wanted to compete and play in this game. That’s on him—whether he wants it or not.”




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