Tour event pulled from Sky Sports Golf due to "EXCESSIVE SWEARING"

PGA EuroPro Tour event wiped from the TV schedule due to too many F-bombs caught on camera...

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Thu, 25 Aug 2022
Tour event pulled from Sky Sports Golf due to "EXCESSIVE SWEARING"

A recent golf tournament on the PGA EuroPro Tour was wiped from the Sky Sports Golf schedule as a result of too much swearing caught on camera. 

Bosses at the PGA EuroPro Tour were forced to pull the coverage after those at the Sky Sports compliance team picked up four F-bombs. 

Swearing on the EuroPro Tour is said to be becoming a "growing" problem from a select few players on the circuit. 

SiriusXM PGA Tour host Jason Sobel took to Twitter to reveal the letter that was sent out to PGA EuroPro Tour members informing them that the final round of their recent tournament could not be televised due to the bad language from a number of players. 

"Sorry to send this out to everyone as I know it's only a few offenders," reads the letter. 

"Sadly tonight's show has been pulled from air due to excessive amount of swearing!

"Our production team managed to remove 5 'f' words before the show was sent to Sky and our international broadcasters, but missed 4 'f' words which were picked up by the compliance team at Sky.

"I have had to tell our sponsor that the show will not be going to air tonight as we were unable to edit and re download before 18.00. As you can imagine this is exceptionally embarrassing for the club and the sponsor who have informed all their members and clients.

"This problem seems to be growing and although it's only a small few it's bemusing. When you reach the level of having an audience, you are at a level where your brand image and reputation matters. Not only does it matter to you, it matters to your sponsors and an international audience. 

"By saying the 'f' word when you are being watched is unforgivable. You are no longer just a golfer you are an entertainer, an ambassador for your sport and industry. What you portray matters to the development and future of the sport. 

"The swearing tonight, if missed by Sky may have caused us a fine. To put it into perspective, that fine would have been in the thousands. If it put in jeopardy our relationship with Sky it would have been in the tens if not hundreds of thousands and in fact may have threatened the tour itself. 

"As all the other tours we need sponsors to operate. We pay out 110% of the entry fees received. We then pay for broadcasting and production, pro-ams, PGA and accommodation and substance of staff on top. It's hard work making this tour viable and the last thing I need is our members saying the 'f' word or in fact the 'C' word on a few occasions, in our programming. 

"If you are one of the players who like to swear on air please watch your mouth. Next time we'll be sending out the fines. Currently it is £50 for an audible obscenity, but if it continues we will be significantly raising this for next season."

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