WATCH: Haotong Li loses $100k after caddie lines him up on 18th green!

Chinese superstar Haotong Li suffers brutal penalty at final hole all thanks to one of the new rules in golf...

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Mon, 28 Jan 2019


Haotong Li suffered a hugely costly two-stroke penalty on the final hole of the Dubai Desert Classic after it was ruled his caddie had assisted in lining up his putt.


Under the new rules of golf set for 2019, according to Rule 10.2, "as soon as the player begins to take their stance, the caddie cannot be on their line."

Rules officials agreed that Li's caddie had stood on a direct line behind his ball when taking his stance at the final hole. 

The resulting two-stroke penalty saw defending champion Li's birdie-four result in a bogey-six at the 72nd hole, dropping him from a tie for third to tied 12th - the difference of some $100,000! 

Social media has argued whether indeed that was truly the case, in particular. Check it out for yourself to see if Li's caddie really did break the new rule...



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