Watch: Justin Thomas' golfing family

"If anyone was destined to be a PGA Tour star, it was Justin Thomas"

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Mon, 14 Aug 2017
Watch: Justin Thomas' golfing family

As Justin Thomas celebrated winning his maiden major at the 2017 US PGA, his thoughts turned to family. And his is a golfing family.

“I just wish my grandfather was here to see this,” he said.

His grandfather was a PGA professional, as was his father Mike Thomas who first put the club in his hands and moulded the young golfer.

“I can’t play with him anymore — it’s no fun,” said Thomas father.

“This is pretty crazy, pretty surreal,” Mike Thomas said. “I never dreamed of him winning the PGA Championship. I’m just like any other parent. I hope he’s safe and I hope he’s happy. This is icing on the cake here. We are blessed to be where we are at today.”

Learn more about Thomas’ upbringing in this mini documentary from the PGA Tour.