WATCH: Quite possibly the BEST BABY GOLF SWING we have ever seen!

This little kid already has a better golf swing than me...

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Wed, 11 Aug 2021
WATCH: Quite possibly the BEST BABY GOLF SWING we have ever seen!

A little baby golfer's swing has gone viral on social media this week, and it's fair to say it's even better than some amateur golfers who have been playing the sport a number of years! 

The video was reposted on Instagram by @anything_golf earlier this week. The aspiring young golfer by the name Grady Simmons has his own Instagram page, which is run by Mum and Dad, Aubrey and Austin. 

As you will see from the clip, there's a touch of the John Daly about the backswing! 




Here's how a number of golf fans reacted to the video: 

"John Daly when he was younger."

"Going to need a bigger garden soon."

"That is some swing. The next Tiger."

"I've been playing 20 years and can't swing it that good!"

"Already better than me, fair play lad."

"Pure strike."

"Better swing than I've got."

"John Daly backswing, gotta love it."

"How feel sick... he makes it look easy."

"Two years old and swings like that... give him a green jacket already."

"Multiple major winner right there."

"Kid has game."

"Split grip, pause at the top, lower leg movement but straight as a string."

"OMG this little dude hits it better than me."

"Baby goals right there."

"It's never too early to start."

"This kid keeps his head on the ball 100% better than I do."

"Love the step through finish."

"Definition of a baby fade."