Little Golfer makes putting look EASY to the delight of golf fans!

You never know, this little boy could be the next Phil Mickelson in years to come...

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Wed, 11 Aug 2021
Little Golfer makes putting look EASY to the delight of golf fans!

If we could all have one wish in our golf game, I think many people would want to go back in time and start playing golf at a younger age.

The younger you start hitting balls, the more chance there is of making it as a top player because you are giving yourself a lot of time to develop your game.

Golf is a fantastic addiction that can lead to so many amazing memories and it looks as though our great sport has grabbed the attention of one young golfer who is clearly already an expert on the greens.

In a video recently posted on social media, a little boy was showing off his putting skills and it is fair to say that he looks to have cracked the game at a very young age.

The young boy kneeled down and took a look at the line of his putt before stepping up to his ball. Having decided on his intended path, he took a stroke with his mini putter and the ball rattled into the back of the hole.

The left-handed boy turned around and smiled at the camera and who can blame him. I think we all wish we could have the same fearlessness as this young boy has when he plays golf.

Golf fans loved the video and left their comments:

"Yeah, I 3 putt that all day today," one fan said.

"I want him on my scramble team!!" one fan commented.

"Love the fist pump," another fan said.

"Because he is not thinking about it. He does not know any better," another fan commented.

"He lines up just like me! Whata guy!!" one fan said.