YouTuber loses most EXPENSIVE golf ball in the world

Content creator Stephen Castaneda and his friends play golf with a 24 karat gold plated golf ball.

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Tue, 8 Sep 2020
YouTuber loses most EXPENSIVE golf ball in the world

Golf equipment isn't exactly cheap, including golf balls, but especially when they're plated with 24 karat gold. Items like these are usually meant for the mantle piece, but this YouTuber decided to play a few holes with it and unfortunately he'll have to go for a swim if he wants it back...

Watch the video below where golf content creator Stephen Castaneda and his friends take a 24 karat gold plated golf ball out for a few holes to see how it performs.

Now although Stephen and his friends make it sound like this golf ball is worth thousands and thousands of dollars, it most certainly is not.

Due to the fact that the ball is plated with gold means that it is worth nowhere near the same amount that it would be if it was solid gold and of course if it was solid gold you wouldn't be hitting it with a golf club.

Looking at a website that sells a similar product, you can get a 24 karat gold plated golf ball and tee for £145. The website description of the gold plated ball explains how they are created:

"Perfect  golf gift for the golf enthusiast a luxurious 24K gold plated real golf ball and tee gift set. As golf balls are not electrically conductive because of the non metal material that is used to make them. A large amount of work is required in order to plate them in luxurious 24k gold. Firstly the ball needs to be made electrically conductive before the plating process starts. When conductive a thick layer of copper is plated to the golf ball which takes around 6-8 hours. After the copper plating is finished the golf ball will then undergo a process of nickel plating to seal off the copper and stop any tarnishing or oxidising of the copper. Lastly when the nickel has been plated it is time for the luxurious 24k gold plating. A thick layer of 24k gold, 18k gold, rose gold or rhodium whichever you choose is then plated to the golf ball. These are not the cheap and nasty gold coloured balls that are available, but a golf ball that has been created and plated in real 24k gold that looks and feels luxurious and adding around 28g of weight to the golf ball."

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