Gary Boyd: How to create backspin

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By Gary Boyd on Fri, 20 Sep 2013 - 10:09

Gary Boyd: How to create backspin

We’ve all heard the ‘oohs’ and ‘aahs’ when the pro golfer sends the ball moonwalking back to the pin, but just how do they do it? European Tour professional Gary Boyd is on hand to produce a detailed approach to that adrenaline-fuelled shot.

“Although more often than not, I bet you land the ball short of the hole, there’s no question backspin allows you to be much more aggressive with those short irons.

“It’s extremely difficult to get the ball to spin back from the rough due to the amount of grass you get between ball and clubface, so the first thing is to make sure you’re in the fairway.

“If we take a wedge for example, it’s a good idea (for a right-hander) to aim your body slightly left of the target and put 60% of your weight on your left foot. Keep ball position in the middle of your stance, and swing down at the ball at a steeper angle to help create maximum spin.

“With a steep swing, the leading edge of the clubface would normally cut down into the ground. Instead, the open clubface allows the club to bounce off the ground and slide underneath the ball.

“The more clubhead speed you create through the hitting area, the more spin you will generate as the ball grips onto the face. It’s kind of like striking a match.

“Ball first and then turf is vital to create backspin. Other things to consider are that you need a good golf ball and extremely clean grooves.”

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