Something for the Weekend: Try chipping with a 3-wood

Australian pro Nikki Garret takes over our Friday tips service

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Nikki Garret
Thu, 17 Nov 2011
Something for the Weekend: Try chipping with a 3-wood

For those who get the jitters when it comes to that little chip shot around the green, perhaps it’s time to pull out the 3-wood. Australian Tour pro Nikki Garret explains...

“One problem I see with amateurs is they lack creativity around the greens. After all, we don’t paint pictures on the scorecard - only numbers.

“Using a sand wedge or lob wedge on every greenside shot is not always a low-risk strategy for getting the ball up and down.

“Here's a situation where the ball has landed short of the green on a par-5. The lie is good, but a little too good. It is sitting tight on the surface so attempting a precise nip off the top of the grass with a sand iron threatens a potential duff.

“Use a 3-wood. It gets the ball running and when played properly, will result in an easy up-and-down. This shot lets you take a shorter, slower and therefore more controlled putting stroke with a Choke down grip.

“Address the ball between your forward heel and middle of your stance, stand a little more upright slightly open with a narrow stance.

“Make a level pendulum by moving your arms and shoulders without movement in your wrists. Your follow-through should be similar to a putting stroke and will help determine the length of your shot to keep the ball running at the hole.

“Remember, though, the spring-effect on the clubface will make the ball come off a little more hot than a putt.”

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