Golf tips: Lob it like Stricker

Short game master shows you how to get it close from the rough

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Golfmagic Staff
Mon, 20 May 2013

Golf tips: Lob it like Stricker

According to American teaching pro Trevor Gliwski, one of the main reasons for Steve Stricker’s success on the PGA Tour has been down to his confidence and superb touch around the greens, particularly chipping from thick rough.

Gliwski explains the technique used by the World No.10 to execute a soft lob shot close to the putting surface is quite unique.

“I'd call it ‘the cock it and pop it’ shot. Steve has the ball back in his stance and sets his weight on to his left side (as a right-hander). He then chooses his most lofted 60-degree Titleist Vokey Design wedge and creates an almost vertical swing path.

“On the backswing, with this shot it's important to cock your wrists as quickly as possible to elevate the clubhead, while on the downswing, drop the club through the ball into the grass," says Gliwski.

“It's critical Steve's hands lead the club to a low, short finish. Remember, a lofted club travelling up and down on a sharp angle of attack, will help to reduce the amount of grass that gets caught between clubface and ball at impact. It also helps create a solid contact and gets the ball to pop up and land softly."

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Originally published September 2009, updated May 2013.