Something for the Weekend: Lob chip over a mound

PGA pro David Lewers, of Taba Heights Resort in Egypt, shares some advice in our regular Friday tips service

Something for the Weekend: Lob chip over a mound

David Lewer is a PGA pro and general manager at Taba Heights Resort in Egypt. A former Southern Region PGA assistant pro at Chislehurst, David's career includes teaching in Sweden and Holland before moving to the Middle East. We asked him to demonstrate a tricky situation when faced with a lob shot to a hole where you can't see the bottom of the flag.

Faced with a shot over a mound, it's a good policy to check the actual position of the flagstick in terms of how far it is on the green.

As well as identifying the distance of the shot by standing midway betwen ball and flagstick, you will also discover the downslope to be negotiated. You don't want any violent bounces forward and perhaps into even more trouble.

With a couple of practice swing feel the distance and try to image throwing the ball all the way to the flag to land softly, especially if you have enough green to play with.

Usually, it demands your most lofted wedge - ideally 60-degrees if you carry one - with the ball slightly forward in your stance. Slide the club under the ball, keeping the clubface open through the swing. It's a feel shot that you have to play aggressively to generate the height and spin, while delivering the distance.

It's achieved by making a crisp downward strike - ball, then turf - allowing the bounce of the club behind the face to make the first contact with the ground. Don't try to scoop it and don't quit on it.

If your local course has a number of long, well protected par-4s where you don't quite have the power to reach in two, it's worth spending time to practice this shot.

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