Basic golf swing tips - 3: Backswing

Just starting in the world of golf? Here are our basic backswing tips to get you on your way

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Wed, 18 Sep 2013
Basic golf swing tips - 3: Backswing

This is the third article of our six of the best basic swing tips instructional series. So here are the five top backswing tips...

1. Collapse left knee

Over-flexing your left knee, like Rory is doing in the above photograph, allows you to free up your hips during the swing.

2. Keep left arm straight but not rigid

Rory has one of the straightest arms at the top of the swing in professional golf, getting somewhere near that will give you a consistent backswing.

3. Turn your body in a barrel

Imagine your body is trying to turn in a barrel when making the backswing, moving your hips on the axis clockwise.

4. Weight remains on balls of feet

If your weight stays in the centre of the balls of your feet on the backswing then this will help the consistency at impact.

5. Keep your grip pressure constant

Throughout your swing, if you're a right-hander, you should be applying more pressure with your left hand on the grip as this hand guides the club.

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