Basic golf swing tips - 2: Takeaway

Just starting in the world of golf? Here are our basic takeaway tips to get you on your way

Basic golf swing tips - 2: Takeaway

This is the second article of our six of the best basic swing tips instructional series. So here are the five top takeaway tips...

1. The first two feet of the takeaway are crucial

The first two feet determine the tempo and swing path. If you take it back too fast or too slow, or aiming left or right then the rest of the swing will struggle to recover. So really work on this in practice just getting used to taking it back two feet in a nice tempo and direction.

2. Left arm and shoulder should move together

There's a tendency to use your wrists too much throughout the swing but particularly on the takeaway.

3. Maintain a line between the shaft and left arm

Make sure your left arm is straight along the line of the shaft and your shoulders move in the same line.

4. Keep the elbows together

Keeping your elbows close during your takeaway is key for helping the club come through in a straight locked position.

5. Keep right leg flexed

Although your right leg will automatically straighten during the backswing it's key to have a little flex in it to increase your hip movement.

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