Golf My Way with Gary Boyd: Marks of distinction

Golfmagic diarist reveals his pro secrets

Golf My Way with Gary Boyd: Marks of distinction

European Tour pro Gary Boyd writes an exclusive diary for Golfmagic. We caught up with him again recently where in this next edition he reveals why you should mark your ball distinctively...

Why I mark a line round my ball

The Rules of Golf insist that you must identify the ball you are using and not confuse it with any other ball on the course. I'm often amazed in Pro-Ams that amateur golfers merely nominate the brand and the number instead of putting their personal mark on the ball.

Chances are there are dozens of identical balls on the course at the same time, so it's crazy not to personalise your golf ball in some way - just in case you find one with an identical brand and number that you're not 100% sure is yours. It happens more than you'd think.

As well as putting my personal mark on the Callaway HEX Black ball (a black dot under the V logo) I also use a Sharpie pen with plastic Line-M-Up tool to draw a line part way around its circumference.

As well as adding an extra identity to my ball it also helps me line it up with my target on the tee and although I'm not allowed to touch it again until I reach the green (except in exceptional circumstances including preferred lies conditions) it's handy when I reach the putting green.

I can line up the ball with the point over which I want to roll my ball on. And if I can keep that line in sight it means I've made a perfect strike on my putt. 

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Images by Pip Warters

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