Golf tip: Count 'one-AND-two' for good timing

Advice from Seniors Tour pro

John Hoskison
Fri, 22 May 2009
Try to picture this sequence of the smooth-swinging Ernie Els. Say 'One' at the start of the backswing, 'AND' at the top and 'TWO' at impact.

Continueing his occasional series, PGA pro John Hoskison, who plays on the European Seniors Tour, offers some quick tips to help golfers understand their faults.

A smooth transition from backswing to downswing can make the difference between a good and bad shot. There is a critical moment at the top of the swing when a golfer is given a chance to find the right line of the downswing. A chance to make an adjustment if the back swing is not quite on line.

If the golfer gets too quick from the top there is little chance to find the right line, but if you can slow the transition down, it will give you the best chance of dropping the club onto the correct path.

If you counted the rhythm of someone who was too quick, the swing would be ‘one-two’ (one for the back swing, two for the downswing). But for someone giving themselves the best chance of a controlled downswing, the count would be ‘one-and-two’

The ‘and’ represents that crucial moment, almost a pause, when you can find the right line.

To improve your consistency count to the rhythm ‘one and two’ or ‘back and forth’ or ‘up and down’.