Golf tip: How to lower ball flight

If you're looking for a lower ball flight then maybe a grip change is in order

Golf tip: How to lower ball flight

If you want to lower your ball trajectory or you seem to be hitting the ground before the ball then try changing your grip.

The standard 'v shape' grip is great if you're swinging with confidence but it can be a nightmare if you have a lot of wrist movement in your shots. Hitting a slice, hook or duff are all common outcomes with loose wrists.

So a good way to get your hands in front of the ball at impact and improve the consistency of your ball striking is to change your grip to one which is stronger and has less wrist movement.

In Fig.1, Stoke Park PGA professional James Hoar shows us how he puts his right thumb across the grip rather than pointing down it to gain more stability.

He says it reduces the chance of the clubface pushing through past your hands at impact and makes you bring your hips further forward (Fig.2), both helping with reducing ball trajectory and lessening the chance of hitting the ground before the ball.

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