Golfmagic partners with CityPoint Golf Studio

New Golfmagic video instruction series will see CityPoint Golf's Chris Ingham and Elliot Godfrey fix flaws in your game

Golfmagic partners with CityPoint Golf Studio

GOLFMAGIC would like to introduce you to our new partners for video instruction in 2014, and occasional equipment reviews, Chris Ingham and Elliot Godfrey from CityPoint Golf Studio in Moorgate, London.

Chris is a fully qualified golf professional, while his partner in the business Elliot was formerly the head professional at Hanbury Manor.

The studio, which we were afforded a first look at last week, is purpose built for ball flight coaching and features two huge teaching bays with GC2-HMT, high speed cameras and full simulation on 2 large projection screens - a golf lovers paradise if ever there was one!

CityPoint Golf studio is located in the CityPoint Health Club and is completely private and a world away from the hustle of the trading floors above.

Despite being capable of hosting private parties and corporate evenings as well as club fitting, the real purpose of the studio is pure teaching and helping dedicated golfers with all manner of faults.

Their GC2-HMT technology will explain what goes on through impact in a truly remarkable detail and their ability to relate this information to simple swing faults really impressed us here at Golfmagic. In fact, our commercial manager Michael Smyth will shortly begin working with Chris in an attempt to control his ball flight.

What also impressed us about our first visit to the studio was Chris' ability to explain how to draw and fade the ball and to debunk some of the confusing myths about impact and ball flight which so many amateurs have. This man lives, breathes and sleeps golf.

Every golf shot you hit at the studio has a consequence, no more rattling through 100 balls at the range searching for the answer, at the CityPoint Golf Studio we believe, just maybe, we've found the answer!

Not to be confused with some golf "simulator" venues, these guys use the same technology favoured by the PGA Tour's finest and the lesson prices are very competitive too, with the option to practice and "work the numbers" 7 days a week.

The ethos of the CityPoint Pros is simple, according to Elliot: "The days of misguided information are firmly behind us, we teach facts here and we see spectacular improvement in most people within a few lessons."

As of mid February the guys will be stocking and fitting both Callaway and TaylorMade and are an approved gold standard retailer with the "Fit T" from Taylor Made and "Opti-fit" from Callaway. Due to the high level of golfers at the studio, an array of exotic shafts will be available for customers to optimise their numbers for maximum distance and control, every fitting session will also involve a complimentary lesson.

In summary we greatly look forward to working with Chris and Elliot at the studio and urge anybody who lives within a reachable distance of Moorgate, London, to pop along for an evaluation from only £20, it will be an enlightening experience and one that could change your golfing life forever!

And pleasingly for many Golfmagic members, no doubt, CityPoint Golf Studio also has its own food and beverage license!

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