How to practice golf with a purpose

Devote 20 minutes to your short game before you tee off

How to practice golf with a purpose
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Devote at least 20 minute to short game practice before you play, says top coach

According to one of the leading teaching pros in the United States, amateur golfers of all standards should spend at least 20 minutes practising their short game before stepping up to the first tee.

Sean Parees, course designer and teaching pro at Pennsylvania’s prestigious Quicksilver Golf Club told the Pittsburgh Post Gazette that all golfers, whatever their handicap, can improve by following a simple, easy-to-apply routine.

He says it's important to have a plan of action, rather than simply - as we all tend to do - 'going through the motions.'

Start by pitching at targets 15 yards away and extend this length ‘to just short of your maximum wedge distance’.

It's vital to vary distances. Practice chip shots that range between ten and 50 feet.


If the facilities are available, hit short and long bunker shots with different clubs. Don’t just concentrate on greenside bunkers with your sand iron.


Place six to eight balls in a circle around the cup – ranging from three to five feet from the hole. Work your way around the circle trying to make as many putts possible.

Tell us about your pre-round routine on the forum.
Do you just go through the motions or do you ensure you're warmed up and ready to go with your game reasonably in shape.

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