Putting tips: Advice from two Scots

Help from Odyssey players, Forsyth and Drysdale

Putting tips: Advice from two Scots

Here are two putting tips we gleaned this week from Scots competing in the BMW PGA Championship at Wentworth, which will help those still looking for the secret of the game within a game.

Alastair Forsyth has used one of the original Odyssey White Hot 2-ball putters for several years and says aligning the ball images on the top of the putter to the exact point he wants to start the ball rolling, has turned him into one of the most successful putters on Tour.

"My tip for amateurs is to visualise the ball going into the hole while making your practice stroke. I find this takes out any technical thoughts and allows a free, positive movement of the putter head.

Fellow Scot David Drysdale is a fan of the new Odyssey White Ice 2-Ball V-line model, because he says it's easy to line up and he likes the solid sound and feel of the insert.

His advice is to merely keep the putter low to the ground during the stroke.

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