Something for the Weekend: Aim small, miss small

PGA professional Lee Kopanski hijacks our Friday tips service for a few weeks

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Lee Kopanski
Mon, 21 Mar 2011
Something for the Weekend: Aim small, miss small

Lee Kopanski, the British-born head PGA pro at his own golf academy at Loipersdorf Golf Club, a 27-hole course in Styria, Austria, has worked with some of the best coaches in Europe and offers free online golf lessons at And now he's taking over our Something for the Weekend series for a few weeks.

Aim small, miss small

Without a target there's nothing to learn, but how big should your target be? Your objective is to get the ball into the hole in as few shots as possible and your target should be as small as possible, which probably contradicts those who suggest you get your ball within a dustbin lid diameter of the hole on a 25-foot putt.

That's not how the brain works best. A golden rule in target-orientated golf is: Aim big and you'll miss big. But aim small and you'll miss small. Keep this little gem in mind and I guarantee you will improve your golf more than you could ever imagine.

For example if you wanted to hammer a nail into a piece of wood you don't look at the whole nail or the hammer... you look at the head of the nail.  Similarly, a darts player doesn’t just look at the whole board or his dart.

So why aim at a bin lid or at the wide fairway when hitting a driver?

Reduce your target and narrow your focus with each shot you play. Pick the hole or part of it with your putt, a tree branch or a chimney, not a tree or a house when you're teeing off.

And it's better to use a target that's off the ground as this reduces the risk of distractions and prevents the eyes wandering.

Aim small and chances are you'll only miss small.

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