Toughest Golf Shots: ball above feet

One of the most awkward spots in golf is when the ball is resting above your feet. PGA coach Sam Quirke helps us out

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Mon, 22 Jul 2013
Toughest Golf Shots: ball above feet

The ball above feet shot is our second iron play article in the Golf's Toughest Iron Shots series.

If you play on a course with any undulations you're bound to get a ball above feet lie at some point and for some reason it always seems like an impossible shot.

PGA coach Sam Quirke talks us through the basics of the shot to get that clean strike you're looking for.

At address have your hands slightly forward and grip down the shaft a little bit as well as standing taller over the ball than you normally would, enabling you to have more chance of sweeping the ball off the top of the grass.

Always aim out to the right on this shot as the heel of the club will automatically hit the ground first and make the clubface turn over giving it a slight draw.

There's nothing else involved, just make a smooth motion and although the stance is unusual if you have enough practice swings it will feel as natural as a level shot.

Want anymore tips? Check out where PGA professional Sam Quirke provides swing analysis coaching at The Drift Golf Club or get on his personal website to take a closer look.

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