Toughest Golf Shots: fairway long irons

Trouble hitting long irons off the deck on a long par 4? PGA Golf Professional Brad Hauer's video tutorial shows you how

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Thu, 30 May 2013

The fairway long iron shot is our first iron play article in the Golf's Toughest Iron Shots series.

On lengthy par 4s or most par 5s, inevitably you'll be faced with a long iron into the green, and with smaller sweet spots and lower trajectories, hitting long irons can really be a tough task.

In this video, PGA Golf Professional Brad Hauer runs us through the main steps of hitting a crisp rhythmical swing when using a mid to long iron.

If you're in a bit of a rush and can't watch the four minute video, here are Brad's key lessons to take away.

Five top tips

1. Maintain your posture throughout the stroke.

2. Imagine you're a discuss thrower, swaying your body in a similar motion.

3. Drag your knuckles downwards during the back swing.

4. Don't straighten your knees.

5. Keep it simple, don't over complicate the shot.

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