Something for the Weekend: Carefree approach to short putts

Coach Sam suggests we

Something for the Weekend: Carefree approach to short putts

I’ve been a long time follower of the coaching approach of PGA pro Sam Jarman, now based in Milton Keynes.

He has a no-nonsense approach using simple vocabulary when it comes to teaching both the mental and the technical side of the game.

So I wasn’t surprised to discover his blog this week that identified how thinking too much about our putting stroke tends to get in the way, especially over short putts.

He says: “When a player misses a short putt, you often hear commentators say, ‘That was careless.’ But the opposite is true. 

“When I start missing short putts, it’s usually because I was being too careful, was thinking too much and didn’t roll the ball freely at the hole.

“Every time we get in our car, prepare food or cross a road, we do it with far less ‘care’ and tension yet with more confidence, composure and assurance than trying to hole 3-footer for par.

“If I’m chopping vegetables with a sharp knife, I don’t think or worry about ‘doing it right’ or making a mistake. When I jump into my car and start the engine, I don’t think about being too careful.

“Practice helps and I drive every day, so I’m pretty confident in my skills. But I practice my putting a lot too and on the practice green, I rarely miss a short putt.”

Sam adds that the only pressure in golf is the pressure we put on ourselves.

“If I’m frustrated and disappointed by my golf instead of enjoying it, it’s a sign I’m applying the wrong meaning to it. Caring too much about a putt is much more likely to make me miss it, than caring too little.”

As one brand claims: ‘Just do it!’

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