PGA TOUR 2K23: Exclusive Matt Fitzpatrick interview

To find out more about PGA TOUR 2K23 we sat down with Ryder Cup star and now playable character Matthew Fitzpatrick to discuss his addition as a playable character. 

Matthew Fitzpatrick
Matthew Fitzpatrick

Matthew Fitzpatrick is one of the brightest stars in the game of golf, and thanks to his 2022 US Open win and heroics in last month's Ryder Cup in Rome, his profile has continued to grow on the global stage. 

He's not only a star in the real world but also the virtual one too, thanks to his recent addition as a playable character in PGA TOUR 2K23.

To find out more about his addition to the popular golf video game, we sat down with him at 2K's headquarters in London to find out more about the game and what it's like to play as your own virtual avatar. 

Discussing the moment he found out he would be added to the game, Fitzpatrick talked about how it was a surreal moment. 

He said:

"It really was a pinch yourself moment. It’s very odd I’ll be honest, you’re playing those games that are games, and then seeing yourself is just crazy, really."

Fitzpatrick has joined an all-star roster of playable characters, including Tiger Woods, Rickie Fowler, Justin Thomas and now even football sensation Gareth Bale.  

Taking us back to his childhood, Fitzpatrick admitted that he has always been fond of golf video games and regularly went head-to-head with his younger brother Alex, with the games often getting a little heated.

Revealing the extent of their gaming rivalry, he said:

"We were always competitive playing video games, and there was always tears one way or another. As the older brother, I had more experience, I always won."

Matthew Fitzpatrick
Matthew Fitzpatrick

However, despite holding a solid record against his own brother, he did reveal that when it comes to playing 2K23 online, he's regularly outgunned and, despite the desire, has never revealed his true identity to his opponent.

No, no. I wish I was good enough to do it. Whenever I go online everyone is just so good.

When quizzed about his skill with the controller, he also revealed that in a head-to-head match, he would back himself to score better with his own clubs than he would with a controller in the virtual world.  

PGA TOUR 2K23 is available to play on Playstation, XBOX and PC, with a whole host of different game options that allow you to play as some of the biggest names in the world of golf or even create your very own customisable character. 

Fully loaded with some of the most iconic golf courses in the world, you can tee it up at Pebble Beach, Pinehurst No.2, and Torrey Pines.

Aspiring course architects can also build their own courses with 2K23's course builder and share them online with players around the world. 

For those that prefer a tune-up on the range, you can also visit a virtual TopGolf to take aim at a variety of targets to work your way up the 2K23 leaderboard. 

Although the competition might be a touch too strong for Fitzpatrick, those who want to test their skills online can also compete against players around the world in a variety of different formats, including four-player scrambles and season-long tournaments. 

To find out more about PGA TOUR 2K23 click here.

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