11 hilarious reactions to Brooks Koepka leaving PGA Tour for LIV Golf

Brooks Koepka has decided to turn his back on the PGA Tour in favour of LIV Golf, prompting an interesting reaction from golf fans.

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Thu, 23 Jun 2022
11 hilarious reactions to Brooks Koepka leaving PGA Tour for LIV Golf

Brooks Koepka is the latest player join LIV Golf and it’s fair to his decision is somewhat surprising.

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This is because Koepka – in public and apparently in private – has always maintained that he was not keen on the idea.

He was one of the first PGA Tour players to publicly take issue with the vision of a “super league” that had smaller fields featuring the best players.

And in February this year claimed his future was on the PGA Tour. However, he predicted that the Saudi-backed LIV Golf series would no doubt pinch some of the game’s biggest stars.

“Everyone talks about money,” Koepka said. “[The Saudis have] enough of it, so I don’t see it backing down. They can just double up, and they’ll figure it out. They’ll get their guys. Somebody will sell out and go to it.”

Sell out, huh?!

Koepka also said: “I get that the stars are what people come to see. But these guys who we see win, who have been grinding for 10 or 15 years, that’s what makes the cool stories. I’d have a hard time looking at guys and putting them out of a job.”

You might also remember Koepka taking aim at Phil Mickelson when Lefty’s comments about working with the “scary” Saudis became public.

Mickelson accused the PGA Tour of “obnoxious greed”.

Koepka posted this in response to that:

He also said: “I think everybody out here is happy,” he added. “[Mickelson] can think whatever he wants to think, man. He can do whatever he wants to do. I think everybody out here is happy. I think a lot of people out here have the same opinion.”

Still, Koepka’s made his decision now and there is no going back.

His decision prompted these humorous responses on social media:

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