Donald Trump heckled at LIV Golf Miami: "Don't worry, my house got raided too!"

Donald Trump was on the receiving end of some curious shouts during the LIV Golf Miami Pro-Am before the $50m season finale.

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Fri, 28 Oct 2022
Donald Trump heckled at LIV Golf Miami: "Don't worry, my house got raided too!"

Donald Trump appeared to revel in the limelight during the pro-am before LIV Golf's $50m season finale in Miami.  

He also was on the receiving end of some interesting shouts from spectators. 

Okay, so they weren't real hecklers. They were the folks from the Country Club Adjacent podcast who were trying to put Trump off as part of their "back off challenge". 

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They've done this before with the likes of Bryson DeChambeau, who this week explained that it's a matter of principle he is remaining in the antitrust lawsuit after accusing the PGA Tour of withholding money from him. 

Trump still managed to make contact with the golf ball despite taunts of: "Don't worry, my house got raided too!" 

The former President of the U.S. was also told: "You're a billionaire but you dress like you cleaned out a TK Maxx." 


Other than this, Trump also expressed hope that something could be worked out between the warring PGA Tour and LIV Golf. 

After hailing the "fine" Saudis, Trump fired a warning shot to the PGA Tour and their commissioner Jay Monahan. 

Trump told reporters: 

"A lot of other players are coming over, you know that, big names, they are coming over. The Tour has mishandled this so badly and the people at the top, something should happen with them. Something could have been worked out very easily but the Tour decided to, as Richard Nixon said, 'stonewall' it and that hasn't worked out too well. They are dealing with very good people with unlimited money."

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