Dustin Johnson disagrees with complaint from young LIV Golf pro

LIV Golf's Dustin Johnson offers his thoughts on this aspect of the rival league. 

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Fri, 21 Apr 2023
Dustin Johnson disagrees with complaint from young LIV Golf pro

Dustin Johnson says he believes there is room for a couple more teams in the LIV Golf League but doesn't want the schedule expanded. 

Johnson and his 4 Aces are in Adelaide this week as the breakaway tour debuts in Australia for the very first time. 

Yet again the run-up to the event was dominated by talk of the divide between PGA Tour and LIV Golf. 

Greg Norman has conceded the rival league does need to lure some more big names from their rivals

Whereas Bryson DeChambeau swatted away what he believed were inaccurate claims over sportswashing. 

As for Johnson, he insisted there isn't really animosity and spoke of how he runs into a number of players in Florida. 

"Half of the golf world lives there," Johnson told the media in Australia. 

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Johnson also pointed to the reception he received at Augusta National at the 87th Masters. 

"I think everyone just respects Augusta and The Masters," he said. "It's more about the golf than what tour you play on. I think that's how it should be all the time."

The 2020 Masters champion claimed he heard a lot of 'go 4 Aces' comments from the patrons in Georgia. 

Inevitably, there was a lot of talk about what LIV Golf can be. Can it truly succeed? 

Johnson, who finished T-48 at The Masters, said he believes there is room to add at least two more teams to the league. 

Brooks Koepka said: 

"I think if you realistically think about it, if you want to keep the shotgun it's difficult to get over 14, 15 teams. Just think about it that way. It would be tough to have that many people out on the golf course all at the same time."

But Johnson? He said: 

"I'm fine where it is" 

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Johnson previously spoke of playing less golf for even more money as the primary reason why he bolted from the PGA Tour in the first place. 

Before LIV Golf Adelaide, young pro Jed Morgan revealed he had complained to LIV chief Norman about possibly expanding the schedule. 

Johnson was the biggest earner on the course for LIV Golf in their inaugural eight-event season, amassing more than $35m in prize money. 

He is said to have commanded a signing-on fee north of $125m. 

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