Lee Westwood tears (!) into golf magazine over Harman coverage: "A disgrace"

LIV Golf's Lee Westwood has blasted Golf Digest for describing the 151st Open at Royal Liverpool, won by American Brian Harman, as a 'dud'. 

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Tue, 25 Jul 2023
Lee Westwood tears (!) into golf magazine over Harman coverage: "A disgrace"

Lee Westwood has blasted Golf Digest in a column for Telegraph Sport, suggesting the publication's report on Brian Harman winning a 'dud' Open was nothing short of a 'disgrace'. 

Westwood didn't play at the 151st Open at Royal Liverpool. 

Remarkably, it was the first time he had missed the major in almost 30 years. 

The Englishman has taken a tumble down the world rankings since bolting to LIV Golf last June. 

He didn't peg it up in final qualifying and later revealed to reporters that was down to scheduling. 

Westwood planned, he said, to play in his first Senior Open at Royal Porthcawl but was barred from competing owing to alleged outstanding LIV-related fines. 

The Senior Open is overseen by the European DP World Tour and the Royal & Ancient. 

Which means that Westwood was watching Harman's 'Tiger-esque' victory at home. 

No sooner had Harman lifted the claret jug did GD publish this headline:

"British Open 2023: Brian Harman was due for a big win, and golf was due for a dud finish"

Westwood reckons this is out of order, and he wrote:

"You expect that nonsense in the dark recesses on Twitter, but not in one of the best-known magazines in America. I will not name the publication because it has some great journalists who I don't want to implicate. But, at the very least, the headline should be changed. In short, it is a disgrace and shows a complete lack of understanding of the nature of the sport in that publication's very own title."

It shouldn't go without notice that Westwood has previous with the journalist who wrote the piece. 

We should stress that, for the most part, journalists often don't write headlines that accompany their copy. 

Westwood does have previous with the author, though, and once described the journalist as a 'coward' and 'ageist'. 

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