LIV Golf dealt fresh legal headache with drama over their logo!

LIV Golf have been dealt another legal headache after a Miami-based nightclub filed court action to oppose their trademark application.

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Wed, 15 Mar 2023
LIV Golf dealt fresh legal headache with drama over their logo!

LIV Golf are involved in fresh legal drama. 

That's because their attempt to register its trademarks have been blocked by the owner of a Miami-based nightclub. 

The news was first reported by @JoshGerben. You can read the full notice of opposition by clicking here

Both entities use the Roman numeral for 54 as their avatar. 

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In court documents, attorneys for the nightclub - founded by David Grutman - claim LIV Golf's trademarks should not be registered because they are:

  • Visually similar
  • Are phonetically and aurally similar
  • Share similar goods and services

The nightclub claims their trademarks are licensed across the globe and have been in use for 15 years. 

The nightclub's current location was built in 1954 and it has been referred to as Miami's Studio 54. 

It's safe to say that we won't be seeing the likes of Phil Mickelson and Dustin Johnson hitting the Miami nightclub scene anytime soon!

What does LIV Golf mean?

LIV Golf's name was somewhat of a mystery to many when the Saudi-backed tour debuted in June 2022. 

It may seem like it's an acronym, but in actual fact LIV is the Roman numeral for 54. 

It's important for two reasons.

LIV Golf commissioner Greg Norman previously explained the meaning in an interview with Sports Illustrated.

Norman said:

"It is the Roman numeral for 54, which has two meanings: 54 is the lowest score you could shoot if you were to birdie every hole on a par 72 course, so there is an aspirational aspect to the thinking. It is also the number of holes to be played in each event." 

LIV Golf also previously outlined a bonus scheme whereby if one of its players shoots this number in one of their events, then they will be rewarded with a bonus check of $54m. 

That news was outlined by Yasir Al-Rumayyan, the governor of the Public Investment Fund, which is bankrolling the series, after the first LIV Golf event. 

The second reason is that 54 relates to the series' format. Every LIV Golf event is played over 54 holes. 

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