Sky Sports commentator on LIV, PGA pros: "We need an ENFORCER to slap them!"

Tony Johnstone was the latest guest on From The Tips, where he discussed LIV Golf, Tiger Woods' tampon 'joke', Phil Mickelson and the 2023 Ryder Cup.

Sky Sports commentator on LIV, PGA pros: "We need an ENFORCER to slap them!"
Sky Sports commentator on LIV, PGA pros: "We need an ENFORCER to slap them…

It's fair to say six-time European Tour winner Tony Johnstone didn't hold back on the LIV Golf League when he appeared on the latest instalment of GolfMagic's podcast From The Tips

So far we have spoken to DP World Tour pros Ewen Ferguson, John Murphy, Connor Syme, Challenge Tour pro Gary Boyd and two-time long drive world champion Joe Miller. 

But we would suggest that Johnstone was certainly the most opinionated when he joined our Andy Roberts and Harry Benjamin

There were just so many topics to discuss with the 66-year-old Zimbabwean, who now works for Sky Sports as a commentator. 

Throughout our chat with Johnstone, he spoke of how Phil Mickelson is 'finished' and 'not missed by anybody'. 

Tiger Woods' tampon prank? "It was blown completely out of proportion". 

The Netflix documentary Full Swing? He's not seen it all yet but he's heard from his son-in-law that Brooks Koepka reveals he's an 'entitled clown'. 

Speaking of 'entitled clowns', Johnstone said there are 'a lot of them on tour' and he suggested we need an 'enforcer' to give a couple of these guys 'proper slaps just to bring them back down to earth and realise they're getting paid zillions for hitting a ball around a field". 

What about LIV Golf? Johnstone has absolutely no problem with the players jumping ship, but he reckons they should disappear after going to play 'exhibition golf' instead of suing tours that have made them 'multi-multi-millionaires'. 

Oh, and what about that topic of LIV players whinging about not getting world ranking points? 

"Boo bloody hoo"

Johnstone also expressed his disappointment at the news Thomas Pieters has decided to join LIV, putting what was a seemingly nailed-on spot in Luke Donald's Ryder Cup side at risk. 

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"We need an enforcer" 

Johnstone was asked what he made of the Netflix documentary Full Swing. 

There were some decent moments. Chief of which was Rory McIlroy being filmed saying 'F you' to Phil Mickelson. 

Brooks Koepka struggling with his rapid decline after winning four majors is also laid bare. 

Sky Sports commentator on LIV, PGA pros:

Johnstone said:

"I haven't watched it yet. I'm saving that. My son-in-law has watched some of it and the only feedback I've had really is that Brooks Koepka indicates what an entitled clown he is, that's all I know of it so far. 
"But then again, there are a lot of entitled clowns out there. We need an enforcer, actually, we need somebody to walk around the tour giving a couple of these guys proper slaps just to being them back down to earth and realise they're getting paid zillions for hitting a ball around a field and they're not indispensable." 

"I'll never watch LIV Golf"

Johnstone said he has no problem with the astronomical sums of money being thrown at the LIV players. 

That being said, he has no plans to watch the second campaign.

He said: 

"I've never watched on shot of LIV and I really won't. I'm not really into exhibition golf. 
"You know, and I've said this often, I've got no issues with guys taking the cash. 
"Most of the guys [going] are guys that are past their prime [and] there are various reasons for going. 
"Look, it's a financial decision. Their bodies are packing up, you know, the likes of Louis Oosthuizen who I love, his back is like glass. He's only got a couple of years left in him. 
"If they [LIV] offer you $50m plus, you'd be an absolute idiot not to take it. [Look at] guys like Richard Bland."

Cameron Smith could've left a legacy

Was there anyone Johnstone was surprised at making the leap to LIV?

"Cam Smith really. That was a mystery to me. You know, the guy could've left such a legacy in golf." 

Sky Sports commentator on LIV, PGA pros:

He continued: 

"Everybody's different. Some guys really just don't enjoy it. They don't enjoy the practice, they don't enjoy being out there. 
"But if you take the money, disappear. Disappear. That's your choice. Don't come back and start suing the tours that have made you multi-multi-millionaires because you want to cherry pick the events and steal money out of the loyal European and PGA Tours players' pockets that haven't been offered the same opportunity."

Johnstone picked out Phil Mickelson's reported fee of $200m in joining LIV. 

He described Mickelson as "gone, done and dusted". Is anybody missing him? "I'm certainly not," Johnstone said. 

Johnstone continued: 

"I mean, really, I've got nothing against LIV. It's not my game, I'm not interested in watching it but you know, we'll see how far it goes." 

Pieters has the game to win majors

It has now been confirmed that World No. 34 Thomas Pieters has decided to join the LIV Golf League.

His decision means that he is putting what was seemingly an odds-on Ryder Cup spot at risk.

Johnstone said: 

"Thomas absolutely has the game to win majors. He elevates his game in the bigger tournaments. Every time there is a major or a WGC event or a Rolex Series event he produces his best golf. He turns it on. 
"He didn't in Abu Dhabi, but generally speaking, his best golf comes out in the bigger events and I was looking forward to seeing him win a major. 
"He might still. But his world rankings are going to plummet now." 

Ah, that topic, world ranking points.

Johnstone said:

"That's the other thing with LIV, you know, they keep bleating [on] about world ranking points. 
"They knew there were no world ranking points. They knew their format was going to qualify, 'Oh woah is me. I'm being so hard done by. Boo bloody hoo. Really! Jeez. Do us a favour guys!"


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