Two tour pros went at it in MESSY Twitter fight over LIV Golf and DP World Tour!

Tour pro Eddie Pepperell and LIV Golf's Richard Bland got into a heated argument on Twitter following the LIV Golf Adelaide event. 

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Mon, 24 Apr 2023
Two tour pros went at it in MESSY Twitter fight over LIV Golf and DP World Tour!

Tour pro Eddie Pepperell found himself in the middle of a Twitter argument with LIV Golf's Richard Bland this weekend following the LIV Golf Adelaide event in Australia, and things got heated. 

It all began when the LIV Golf Updates account tweeted a video of Chase Koepka making an ace on the party hole they'd coined the "Watering Hole" for the week at The Grange GC. 

A Twitter user then replied to the video, writing:

"Well well well. Isn't sport changing rather a lot? What a surprise," and added that Pepperell would be joining him on his podcast.

Pepperell caught the tweet, and replied, pointing out that this isn't the first party hole to exist in professional golf. 

Pepperell then went back-and-forth with a different Twitter user, who'd asked why the DP World Tour hadn't come up with their own fun initiative like the 16th hole at the PGA Tour's WM Phoenix Open and now LIV Golf's Watering Hole. 

Update: Bland has said sorry!

This is where Bland, a member of Greg Norman's LIV Golf, jumped into the discussion. This included taking a not-so-subtle jab at Pepperell:

And Pepperell was ready with the reply. The 32-year-old wrote:

"Where to start… Suppose it’s simple; in my 15 minutes I won more events than you did in 22 years," before naming a few examples of what the DP World Tour has done in the past. He then added his own parting send-off:

"The Tour, which you spent 22 years on did ok for you mate."

It doesn't appear that Bland responded after that on Sunday, but when a new thread opened up later under a tweet from the popular No Laying Up account, the discussion between the two pros continued.

One twitter user asked the account if they thought alcohol was involved when Bland started the Twitter war with Pepperell, to which Pepperell agreed.

Bland then joined into a Twitter thread for a second time this weekend, though this time appeared to be much different than the first.

Well wishes were then exchanged by the two parties, with Pepperell telling Bland to "enjoy Singapore" as the LIV Golf league heads there next for their fifth tournament of the 2023 season. 

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