Watch Phil Mickelson's response to PGA Tour question: "Glad it didn't happen!"

LIV Golf League player Phil Mickelson has provided his response to the huge changes announced by the PGA Tour with a typically witty response.

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Thu, 16 Mar 2023
Watch Phil Mickelson's response to PGA Tour question: "Glad it didn't happen!"

Phil Mickelson's 2022 was turbulent to say the least, but he absolutely hasn't lost the ability to provide witty responses. 

Mickelson is back with his Hy Flyers this week at LIV Golf Tucson

Understandably, the six-time major champ was asked about the huge changes planned for the PGA Tour's designated events in 2024. 

Lefty quipped on social media in the immediate aftermath of the announcement that he previously floated the idea to tour commissioner Jay Monahan but it was roundly rejected. 

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Mickelson claimed he had previously outlined a similar proposal to Monahan. 

He said on social media:

"Before I left I brought a $1 billion commitment from a current PGA Tour partner to have 8 elevated events and give equity and ownership in these events to the players. JM's quote was 'I don’t believe the league is going to happen we won’t be doing that.' No vote, no discussion."

Speaking to the media on 15 March, Mickelson was asked to what extent the changes were driven by LIV. 

Mickelson said: 

"You asked that as a question. It should be more of a statement about the fingerprints and so forth.
"I think that it's really a good thing. I'm happy to see it. I'm happy to see it for the Tour.
"I think there will always be a need and a want for traditional golf. And there's always an opportunity to innovate and to allow LIV to be additive and create something new and different for the going.
"I also think the changes bring the best players about more often. I think that's what fans want and what the sponsors want.
"They want to know what they are buying, and those are all things that LIV have provided for their sponsors and television and so forth.
"I think it's a good model to follow, and I'm glad that they are."

Watch here: 

It was put to Mickelson that had his idea been implemented a year ago there might not have been a LIV Golf. 

His response? 

"Then I'm thankful it didn't happen a year ago. I'm really happy with the way LIV has brought about new change to the game.
"Because this team aspect is something that we really never saw as a possibility in golf until LIV came along.
"It brought about a new energy for me and a new dynamic, and my teammates and myself are helping each other be our best.
"That's been a lot of fun, playing practice rounds with them and going to dinner, hanging out.
"It's brought a lot more joy to the professional golf experience, and I'm really appreciative that it's come about, so I'm glad that those changes didn't happen a year ago."

"Friends for decades" 

Mickelson also spoke of his imminent return to the 2023 Masters

He said he was grateful the LIV players will have the opportunity to compete at Augusta National, adding: 

No expectations. We are grateful to just be able to play and compete and be a part of it. A lot of the people there that are playing and competing in the Masters are friend for decades, and I'm looking forward to seeing them again.

It was also interesting that Mickelson did not express an opinion about the proposals to rollback the golf ball. 

Justin Thomas blasted the 'selfish' USGA in a media conference before the Valspar Championship. 

Even Mickelson's LIV compatriot Bryson DeChambeau got in on the action, roasting the USGA and R&A with a TikTok video. 

But Mickelson? He hasn't looked into the data yet. It's surprising that he didn't immediately illicit a response. 

Mickelson previously blasted the USGA with his ice cream analogy when the governing body outlined plans to reduce the length of the driver shaft. 

No doubt we'll get his opinion soon!

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