Gary Player's caddie "FLOGS GOLF BALLS" during Lee Elder's big Masters moment

Social media FUMING as Gary Player's caddie advertises golf balls during Lee Elder's big moment at The Masters 

Gary Player's caddie "FLOGS GOLF BALLS" during Lee Elder's big Masters moment
Gary Player's caddie "FLOGS GOLF BALLS" during Lee Elder's big Masters…

Jack Nicklaus and Gary Player were joined by Lee Elder, the first black man to play in The Masters, as honorary starters at Augusta National today. Only Elder's big moment on the 1st tee was somewhat ruined by Player's caddie and son who was seemingly trying to sneak in a free ad for golf balls made by OnCore. 

Elder, 86, joined record 18-time major champion Jack Nicklaus, 81, and nine-time major winner Gary Player, 85, as honorary starters for the 85th Masters, in recognition of him being the first black man to play in The Masters back in 1975. 



Two scholarships in Elder's name will be awarded annually to a player who competes on the men's golf team at Paine College, a historically Black college and university in Augusta, and one to a player on the new women's team, funded by the golf club.

But as Fred Ridley, chairman of Augusta National Golf Club, was giving his speech about Elder's life and work in golf at large, Player's caddie decided to use the moment to advertise some golf balls.

A number of golf fans and golf media could not believe what they were witnessing. 

Check out some of the tweets below: 











OnCore's CEO have since released a statement distancing the company from the controversy.

"We are aware of the criticisms that have been raised as a result of our product being displayed by Wayne Player at this morning's ceremonial tee shot at the Masters, most specifically during the introduction of Lee Elder, one of golf's trailblazers," wrote Keith Blakely. 

"We did not ask or instruct Mr Player to have our ball sleeve visible during the ceremony and are sorry if his actions caused any offense or was a distraction from the wonderful recognition being paid to Mr Elder."

After learning of his invite last November, Elder said: "The opportunity to earn an invitation to the Masters and stand at that first tee was my dream and to have it come true in 1975 remains one of the greatest highlights of my career and life.

"So to be invited back to the first tee one more time to join Jack and Gary for next year's Masters means the world to me."

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