Golf fans react to BBC Golf's comment about Masters coverage

Iain Carter was in high spirits after commentating on The Masters on BBC Radio, but his sarcasm about the BBC's golf coverage rubbed a few golf fans up the wrong way.

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Tue, 13 Apr 2021
Golf fans react to BBC Golf's comment about Masters coverage

Iain Carter sent out a sarcastic tweet after completing his Masters commentary on BBC Radio, which caused a debate amongst golf fans about the lack of live TV coverage on the BBC.

The BBC was the home of live golf for many years, providing fans with free access to the biggest tournaments in golf, but in 2015 the R&A decided to sell the coverage of The Open to Sky Sports and more tournaments followed suit.

There is now no live golf coverage shown on BBC, but instead a highlights show that is played at the end of each round for certain tournaments, including The Masters. This show however was on fairly late, mainly due to the time difference in the United States.

Carter's BBC Radio commentary of The Masters was extremely popular and golf fans applauded his efforts, but many still believe without live TV coverage, the BBC will continue to fall way down in the pecking order when it comes to golf.

After commentating on two majors in two weeks, with The Masters following the ANA Inspiration on the LPGA Tour, Carter took to Twitter to boast about the the number of people the BBC attracted, whilst also taking a sarcastic poke at those who say the BBC no longer cover golf.

"Two weekends of major golf commentary on BBC radio just completed. Always a thrill and privilege to convey such magic moments. BBC sport website attracted millions of masters readers last weekend. TV highlights too. Looking forward to being told we don’t cover golf any more," Carter tweeted on Monday.

Whilst many fans responded thanking Carter for his commentary, his sarcasm rubbed a few people up the wrong way, causing them to fire shots at the BBC.

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