Report: Convicted former Masters champion refused to let victim see dying mother

One of Ángel Cabrera's victims has opened up on the abuse she suffered at the hands of the 2009 Masters champion after his prison sentence was extended.

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Wed, 16 Nov 2022
Report: Convicted former Masters champion refused to let victim see dying mother

One of Ángel Cabrera's victims has claimed the golfer locked her in a closet, refused to let her see her dying mother and is "still afraid" of the former Masters champion after he was jailed for a further two years. 

In a wide-ranging interview with Stefano Porcile of Orato, the 36-year-old former girlfriend of Cabrera - Cecilia Torres Mana - has opened up on the abuse she has suffered at his hands. 

Two-time major champion Cabrera, 53, was convicted of assaulting another former girlfriend - Micaela Escudero - in early November. 

He was already serving a two-year sentence for assaulting, threatening and harassing Torres Mana. The pair dated between 2016 and 2018. 

Cabrera's latest sentence will run concurrently with the first one, which was handed down in July. 

According to reports in Argentina, Cabrera told his latest trial:

"Many say prison is bad, but it's not the case, prison has done me good."

Now Torres Mana has opened up on what she alleged happened when she was with Cabrera. 

She explained that their relationship started out normally but "quickly turned into physical and psychological submission."

Torres Mana said that Cabrera then began constantly calling her, asking what she was doing. 

She alleged that Cabrera wouldn't allow her to go to the supermarket or the gym.

Cabrera reportedly followed her and took her phone. Cabrera is even said to have gone as far as forbidding her to see her brother. 

She also said that Cabrera wouldn't allow her to visit her mother - who was dying of cancer - out of fears she might meet someone else. 

Torres Mana said: 

"When there was family violence on television, he insulted the women and said it was our fault. He would repeat that 'it' belonged to him [her body] or it belonged to no one. I grew more and more afraid.
"Ángel would often say that nobody could stop him and if they tried to arrest him, he would not go back to Argentina."

Torres Mana got to the point where she said "enough was enough" when she was reportedly locked in a hotel room when Cabrera was playing on tour. 

It is not known which tournament she was referring to. 

She said: 

"Back at the hotel, Ángel locked me in the room, took my documents, and made me sleep in the closet. 
"When he fell asleep, I was able to get my phone and papers back. I left and returned home alone. Finally, I said enough is enough. I was determined to put an end to this nightmare.
"I took my things from the hotel and escaped back to Argentina on the first international flight. When Ángel found out that I was missing, he threatened my brother to get information about where I was."

She said that Cabrera said if she reported him then it would hurt his career and told of the political connections he had. 

Cabrera was eventually extradited back to Argentina after he was arrested in Rio de Janeiro. Interpol had issued a red notice. 

He denied but was convicted of the charges. Bunkered's Michael McEwan has reported Cabrera is being housed in Carcel de Bouwer, which has the nickname of "Prison of Hell". 

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