Abbey Clancy "disgusted" with Peter Crouch after what he did down driving range

Abbey Clancy was unhappy with Peter Crouch's actions down the golf club last month. 

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Fri, 5 Jan 2024
Abbey Clancy "disgusted" with Peter Crouch after what he did down driving range

Abbey Clancy has revealed her disgust at learning husband Peter Crouch dumped their children off at the kids club so he could concentrate on honing his golf skills on the driving range.

The catwalk model and former Premier League forward addressed their latest family dispute while on their popular 'The Therapy Crouch' podcast.

Clancy, 37, and Crouch, 42, share two sons and two daughters together, and they have been married since 2011. 

It is understood Crouch, who used to play for the likes of Liverpool, Portsmouth and Tottenham Hotspur, has a low single-figure golf handicap that he has worked hard on since retiring from football in 2019. 

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Crouch's dedication to the game of golf is clear for all to see. Only his recent decision to leave his children in a kids club next to the driving range ultimately sent him to the doghouse when he got home. 

Check out this hilarious clip of Crouch and Clancy discussing what happened down the golf club last month: 

Clancy: "Pete's like 'I'll do a nice Dad day with the kids'. You know what he does? He takes them to his golf club but he doesn't take them to the driving range, doesn't teach them anything. Do you know what he does? He dumps them in the kids club and goes on the range."

Crouch: "It's a win, win situation."

Clancy: "I think that's disgusting."

Crouch: "No it's a win, win situation..."

Clancy: "All the other Dads are on the tennis court playing tennis or playing paddle. All the kids are on the range but ours are locked in the kids club while Pete's just on the range on his own.

Crouch: "I've got work to do. I've got to improve."


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