Bryson DeChambeau opts not to wear Puma 'Slow Play' polo

Bryson DeChambeau made it clear that he wouldn't be seen wearing the new 'Slow Play' polo from the Puma Saltwater collection.

Bryson DeChambeau opts not to wear Puma 'Slow Play' polo
Bryson DeChambeau opts not to wear Puma 'Slow Play' polo

Bryson DeChambeau had a difficult first round at the Hero World Challenge in the Bahamas, as he prepares himself for the Presidents Cup next week, but he certainly looked good out on the course on Wednesday.

Puma recently launched its new Saltwater collection, which included the polo worn by DeChambeau on Wednesday, called the 'Predator Polo' which consists of different sharks and stingrays, more than suitable for an Albany resident like DeChambeau, who also enjoys spearfishing in his spare time.

“It’s an awesome collection,” DeChambeau said. “They had the turtle one, and I wasn’t about to wear that.”

The 'turtle one' that DeChambeau was referencing is named the 'Slow Play Polo', which might have suited the American just as well, given his reputation on Tour. Back in August at the Northern Trust, a video went viral of DeChambeau taking over two minutes to take a putt, which he then missed, while another video surfaced of him pacing out a 70-yard wedge shot before taking his turn.

DeChambeau was keen not to welcome a possible internet onslaught by wearing the 'Slow Play Polo', opting for the 'Predator Polo' instead.

"Not going to happen," said DeChambeau.

Fellow Cobra Puma ambassador Rickie Fowler, who was also rocking the new collection, thinks that DeChambeau could have toyed with the idea by wearing the turtle-patterned polo.

“I understand why,” said Fowler. “I thought it would’ve been awesome if he would’ve went with it. … And if people ask, ‘Well, Bryson, why’re you wearing it?’ [He could say] ‘Actually, It’s my own line. You know, [I’m a] little slow. Gary and Rickie decided to jump on board and be very supportive of me to help me through this tough time.’

“He could’ve had some fun with it, but there’s time.”

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