England Golf launches support offer to facilities throughout the country

The new offer of support has been extended to all golf facilities throughout the country, including driving ranges and adventure golf facilities.

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Tue, 28 Nov 2023
England Golf

Driving ranges, short courses, simulator venues and adventure golf venues can now benefit from support from the national governing body of golf in England.

These golf facilities will be able to access support through guidance and resources, as well as access to in-person, online and telephone support from a dedicated facility officer and team members at England Golf.

Furthermore, facilities will receive widespread promotion via the Find and Play section of the England Golf website, as well as direct promotion to the England Golf community through iGolf and iPlay subscribers.

England Golf Club, county and membership director, Matt Draper, said:

“We are focusing our energy and passion on key areas to widen golf’s appeal, especially in highlighting golf as the accessible, inclusive and fun sport that we all know it can be – all of which is highlighted by the rise in popularity of these types of experiences at venues across the country.
“We know that 4million people play golf at these venues every year. We want to continue to inspire new golfers to take up the game and are encouraging the wider golf community to introduce friends and family to golf through utilising these fun venues.
“By broadening our focus to including an array of golfing facilities, our aim is to connect and promote these facilities to further widen the awareness of the fun and engaging experiences golf can provide, as well as the many social, mental and physical benefits.”

England Golf will also provide support to facilities across numerous key areas including safeguarding, inclusion, sustainability, beginner initiatives and in creating beneficial links with local clubs.

The governing body has employed facility officers to deliver these services and are urging those who own, run and work at a golf facility to get in touch to learn more about how they can benefit from England Golf’s support to bring more people to their venue and into the game of golf through more regular play.

England Golf chief executive, Jeremy Tomlinson, added:

“We’ve seen a surge in the number of people interested in playing golf of all ages and backgrounds across the country, and we aim to support this momentum by helping more people further into their golfing adventure and to golf clubs.
“We aim to support the wider promotion of golf – wider than just competition, clubs and counties – to be able to build participation from the beginning of the golfer journey right through to avid, long-term golfers.
“We know that by creating a community of facilities that we can offer key support to will only make them stronger and bring more people to their venues.”

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