Aldila launches Tour Blue/Green shafts

Tour-proven shafts feature Next Generation MLT to provide golfers with better shot control, optimum feel and maximised swing power without shaft dead zone

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Wed, 16 Oct 2013
Aldila launches Tour Blue/Green shafts

ONE of the most sought after graphite shafts on the Tour in 2013 is now available through leading club manufacturers and golf retail outlets.

After successful testing on the Tour, Aldila is now launching its Tour Blue and Tour Green shafts and has begun shipping them through leading manufacturers and distributors worldwide.

Engineered with the latest materials and manufacturing technology, the Tour Blue/Green shafts are designed to maximize the power of your individual golf swing. The constant taper shaft profile provides exceptional feel and a smooth, controlled release.

Both shafts are made with Aldila’s Next Generation Micro Laminate Technology (MLT). Combined with ultra-thin, ultra strong materials allows the construction of a shaft with outstanding performance and unparalleled consistency.

“The Tour Blue is moderate stiff tip shaft and very low torque designed for a slightly higher ball flight with low to moderate spin rate,” said John Oldenburg, Aldila’s Vice President of Engineering and Product Development.

“The Tour Green is a stiff tip shaft with moderate torque designed for lower/penetrating ball flight producing a lower spin rate.”

Aldila’s Next Generation Micro Laminate Technology is the next step in the evolution of its highly successful technology that made the NV the most popular shaft in the company’s history.

“Next Generation MLT is comprised of ultra-thin layers of premium, low resin aerospace grade materials," added Oldenburg.

“This design evolution eliminates inconsistent shaft performance caused by material variability. Redesigned tooling also raises the shaft balance point, making this the perfect upgrade for today’s modern club head designs.”

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Aldila offers patented shaft design technologies that consistently outperform other shafts available. This technology advantage is the reason Aldila is the most popular graphite shaft on the PGA Tour.

Tour professionals recognize Aldila’s advanced performance and year after year that there are more Aldila wood and hybrid shafts in play on Tour than any other shaft manufacturer.