Callaway launches FT Optiforce

Callaway brings speed to golfers with FT Optiforce drivers and fairway woods

Callaway launches FT Optiforce

NEW: Callaway FT Optiforce driver

Callaway has today introduced its new range of FT Optiforce drivers and fairway woods to hit the shelves on July 12.

The new clubs debut several new and systematically-designed technologies to help increase a golfer’s clubhead speed, ball speed and thus overall distance.

The FT Optiforce Driver will – in a first from Callaway – offer loft and lie adjustability to optimise launch conditions. In a distinct approach, Callaway is launching two variations of the FT Optiforce Driver clubhead to help golfers find their optimal performance.

“Callaway has always placed the golfer’s performance first when developing clubs and we feel strongly that one club head does not fit all golfers,” saidDr. Alan Hocknell, SVP, Research & Development, Callaway Golf.

“Players using an 8.5-degree driver are fundamentally different than players using 12.5-degrees of loft, so with the FT Optiforce Driver we have optimised each of the two available heads -- the 440cc and the 460cc– and adjusted critical elements like size, weight, centre of gravity position, moment of inertia and others so that golfers have the best chance to optimise their launch conditions for better total performance.”

Just a week since releasing the Mack Daddy 2 wedge, our friends at Callaway have explained how the FT Optiforce driver is a lighter, higher launching and more forgiving driver than the previous X Hot.

Like the X Hot driver, the new FT Optiforce features adjustability thanks to Callaway's OptiFit hosel. However, the hosel has been upgraded for the Optiforce.

The Advanced OptiFit Technology lets the golfer adjust the loft of the driver from standard to -1°, or +1° or +2°, providing four loft settings. Add to that two lie settings, Neutral and Draw, and you're left with eight different settings to find the best ball flight for your swing.

Also available this month, the full line-up of FT Optiforce Fairway Woods share similar construction to the wildly popular Callaway X Hot Fairway Woods, including the blazing ball speeds the woods have become known for.

The key differentiator for this series of fairway woods, available as a 3-, 4- 5-, 7- and 9-wood, is the higher trajectory golfers are likely to experience.

“The FT Optiforce Fairways Woods are a powerful mix of the ball speeds of our X Hot Fairway woods and the trajectory of our RAZR Fit Xtreme Fairway Wood,” said Hocknell.

RRP £329 (driver); RRP £179 (fairway wood).

Click through the images below for a closer look at the new Callaway driver...

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