Clubs for kids this Christmas

Group review of starter equipment for a new generation

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Tue, 7 Dec 2010

Clubs for kids this Christmas

Any time soon, the winner of the 2025 BA MoonShuttle-sponsored Open Championship at Royal Luton & Milton Keynes, will be anticipating receiving their first set of junior golf clubs from Santa.

They will be aged around six or seven and looking forward to joining their grandad on the local par-3 course, armed with the latest set of clubs - driver, hybrid, two irons and a putter - complete with colour-co-ordinated stand bag and head covers.

It will be the start of a journey - which the likes of Lee Westwood, Martin Kaymer, Rory McIlroy and one Tiger Woods (though I doubt he believed in Father Christmas anyway) - also took at an early age and which no doubt will culminate with a host of major titles.

Having researched the junior golf club sets produced by the major brands for this feature, its clear that much has been invested in building loyalty among future generations of superstars, making the equipment similar in looks but more sympathetic in forgiveness and performance, to that of the adults.

Even young girls have been catered for with lightweight clubs and bags in pink, in a bid to find the next Melissa Reid or Paula Creamer.

We hope that as parents and grandparents, uncles and aunts, you might find your offspring something within budget this Christmas inspired by our special feature.

Callaway Golf

Aware of the need to build loyalty to their brand from an early age, Callaway golf has put a lot of thought into equipment for children, from ensuring that their smallest XJ range fits the  child's height (41-50 inches) to supplying a bag with a holder for that essential accessory - the MP3 player.

The clubs in blue livery for boys and pink for girls, are designed to deliver maximum distance, while getting the ball airborne quickly. Notch weighting, Daddy grooves and X-design soles are all features found on adult clubs, too.

Callaway XJ Junior set (RH & LH)

Age: 5-8 years
Bag:  Lightweight stand bag with triangular top, 7 pockets and hood
Woods: 320cc driver (18deg), fairway (27 deg), No.5 hybrid
Irons: 9-iron and  56-degree sand wedge
Putter: XJ Odyssey 2-ball

Callaway XJ Junior set (RH & LH)

Age: 9-12
Price: £219
Bag:  Lightweight stand bag with triangular top, 7 pockets MP3 player holder and hood
Woods: 360cc driver (16deg), 5-wood (24 deg), No.5 hybrid
Irons: 9-, 7- and 5-iron and  56-degree sand wedge
Putter: XJ Odyssey 2-ball

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