Cobra S3 irons out to make an impression

Look out for S3, S3 Max and women's S3 Max irons

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Fri, 21 Jan 2011
Cobra S3 irons out to make an impression

Cobra Golf's new, black S3 irons will appeal to golfers aiming to make big impression on their game in 2011, in terms of looks and performance.

And they must be prepared to pay upto £599 for a seven-club, Aldila NV-3 graphite-shafted set (4-iron to PW), with gap and sand iron options at £86 each. A steel set costs £499 (Nippon MS Pro) with £72 options.

The heads on the Cobra S3 iron, say the makers, have E9 face technology with a larger sweet spot, with improved, forgiveness, feel and ball speed.

The new Cobra S3 Max irons - £399 per set steel, £479 for graphite - can also be purchased as part of an all-graphite iron/hybrid set for £599 (7-iron to SW and two hybrids).

The S3 Max irons have a low-profile design which shifts the centre of gravity low and to the back for better launch and improved forgiveness, while the Baffler-style S3 Max hybrids have a railed sole and are available in 23, 26 or 29-degree lofts.

Completing the new men's range are the gorgeous-looking Cobra S3 Pro irons with a sleek, Tour-inspired design in a satin finish. The long and mid-irons have cavity backs (CB), the short irons muscleback (MB). The eight-club steel-shafted set (3-PW) has a recommended price of £799.

Alternative individual clubs (e.g. 2-iron, gap wedge) cost £99 each.

Cobra Golf is also keen to impress their products on the emerging women's market and have catered well with the introduction S3 Women's irons (£599), S3 Max women's irons (£479) and the S3 Max Iron/Hybrid set (£599) for maximum forgiveness and high launch.

All clubs feature similar technology to the men but with lighter, graphite shafts to generate maximum distance and control. However, only the S3 Max/hybrid set is available in a left-hand option.