Etiqus Sport Pro watch review

A luxurious watch that expresses true love for the game of golf

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Fri, 4 Sep 2015
Etiqus Sport Pro watch review

If you are looking for the perfect gift for your golfing loved one this Christmas, look no further than the beautiful Etiqus Sport Pro watch.

Acting as a one of a kind in today's golf market, the unequivocally British brand carries the tagline "you know he's a golfer by the watch he wears". 

It may cost £269 on a leather strap and £299 on a solid stainless steel bracelet, but everything about this Sport Pro watch screams golf from the moment you take it out its attractive gift box. 

On the wrist the Sport Pro dazzles with its luxurious sapphire crystal glass and 3D golf ball effect dial with applied luminous inlaid hour markers.

The 3D dimpled effect on the dial is subtle so as not to make it look like you have a Pro V1 on your wrist, but it is a great look and one that helps Etiqus live up to its tagline. 

Now although there are no golf-related GPS features attached to this watch or anything like that, there is a "pace of play" bezel insert.

In simple terms, you set your tee off time using the tee icon located at 60, and then as the time elapses you can see approximately what hole you should be on. Obviously not all golf courses play to the same length, so this feature is very much an approximation of a four-hour round, but it will certainly help golfers keep a wriggle on. 

Testing out the stainless steel bracelet, it is not the lightest watch you will ever wear at 214g but it is more than comfortable and easy enough to play with out on the course. It is also 100m water resistance, so you can still pluck your ball out of the pond with it on. The strap is also very easy to get on and off the wrist. 

Another neat golfing feature is on the second hand, with a red flag pointing to the left - reminiscent of The Masters logo. 


A watch that speaks manliness and golf. The Etiqus Sport Pro watch is not going to help you improve your game - it will help speed up your fourball - but it is at least going to tell people what you are all about. 

No matter how frustrating a sport we think golf is, it is time we started telling ourselves that it is also meant to be a leisure. 

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